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photo by: Karen Stead Baigrie    contact us for hi res images

photo by: Karen Stead Baigrie  

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Bay Area Americana Rock Band, El Cajon, releases their single Immigrant. Available here for download on bandcamp -

El Cajon is proud and excited to release “Immigrant” which celebrates life, celebrates our uniqueness, our ancestors and our heritage in a way that brings us all together as humans. We may have descended from different places yet here we are together, in this moment, now. We are all immigrants!

El Cajon is asking their fans and the entire internet to help create the video for Immigrant!!  Everyone’s ancestry, heritage, legacies, stories and journeys all brilliant, bright and unique. We would love to honor your story, by including your photos or videos.  The band is asking that you upload images of your immigrant ancestors with these hastags: #elcajonmusic, #iamanimmigrant

El Cajon will play at Sweetwater Music Hall

June 9th, 2018

EL CAJON is an Americana Rock band from the Bay Area, formed in 2016. Where California meets South Africa, the band members are RJ Holmberg (Guitar and Lead vocals), June Holmberg (Keys, accordion and backing vocals), Michael Rennie (Violin, fiddle and backing vocals), Martin Ledyard (Bass and backing vocals) and Kyle Hermans (Drums, percussion and backing vocals).

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Please get in touch with R J Holmberg at for guest list, interviews or promo copies of El Cajon’s full album, Meteor

Band Bio: Fueled by a drive and passion that can only be found when the right souls play music together, El Cajon is a must-see Bay Area Band.  Their raw energy and infectious sound is as much the Cars and the Police as it is Arcade Fire or the Lumineers with RJ Holmberg’s lead voice so distinct and powerful that you will forever know it when you hear it. Complemented with lush harmonies from all the members, the band creates a vocal landscape unique to El Cajon.  Key to the band’s sound is Mike Rennie’s incredible fiddle playing, often driving a song or adding an orchestral melody over June Holmberg’s Wurlitzer and Accordion and RJ’s telecaster.  South Africa meets Texas in the rhythm section with Kyle Hermans energy and pocket on the skins and Martin Ledyard tying it all together with his artful bass playing.  

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photo by: Karen Stead Baigrie

photo by: Karen Stead Baigrie

When June and RJ met in San Francisco at Polygram records, where June was RJ's boss, they did not have any idea that they would be married in a few years OR that they would create a band called El Cajon.  Working Polygram bands like Soundgarden, Robyn Hitchcock, Swervedriver (and many others) led them to many inspiring nights of amazing music in San Francisco and the Bay area. RJ had played in many other bands including Lucky, a San Francisco band Produced by Tom Mallon of American Music Club lore during the “Slow Core” days of the Red House painters.  Starting El Cajon allowed RJ to write new songs that were much more indie rock / pop and opened up a more elevated style.  It was only natural to add the familial harmonies that June and RJ were inspired to sing together since they first met, beginning part of the signature sound of El Cajon.  The pair were then fortuitously joined by Michael Rennie. Michael hails from Cape Town South Africa where he played in the legendary South African band, Sons of Trout.  He brought a whole new flavor to the songwriting and band with his soaring leads and overall SA musical style and vibe. RJ, June and Michael played together with other folks for a few years honing the El Cajon sound until they finally convinced their friend, Martin Ledyard, to join the group.  A Texas native who has played in many bands from LA to NYC; he brings his amazing bass playing and voice.  He is an Art Center alum with a ridiculous amount of raw talent in both music and visual art, much of which can be seen throughout the band’s work.  Then in a moment of pure serendipity, while making the rounds in Marin music venues, Michael met the 5th and final core member of the band, Kyle Hermans, who also happened to be from Cape Town!  They had shared stages many times at festivals and other large shows in SA, and knew of each other, but apparently needed to move 10,000 miles away from home to finally meet and jam together.  Kyle is another multi-instrumentalist who brings a huge amount of positive energy and creativity to the songwriting and style of the band and rounds out the mission of El Cajon.